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Breast Cancer
New Breast Cancer Diagnosis Overview

In this video we break breast cancer down into 3 simple steps: Diagnosis, Stage and Treatment.

Anatomy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Surgery Options

For women with a new diagnosis of breast cancer, understanding all the surgical options can be overwhelming and stressful. In this video, we review some of the historical options, as well as the most commonly used surgeries today, ranging from most aggressive to least aggressive.

Choosing Between Lumpectomy and Mastectomy

Some women have a choice between mastectomy and lumpectomy. This video reviews the issues that commonly factor into that decision.

Radiation after Lumpectomy for Breast Cancer

This video is a basic overview of why we do radiation after lumpectomy and the risks of treatment.

Breast Cancer Lymph Node Radiation

Life After Breast Cancer: Survivorship and Follow-up

Most women want to know what happens after completing treatment for breast cancer. Here we review the standard follow up including disease and side effect surveillance as well as wellness.