We founded a company called PRIMR that has built a beta web app platform for physicians to store and distribute their educational content to patients. Patients will be able to view the content - created by their own doctor - in preparation for their appointment. Content also may be reviewed on-demand and shared with family and support teams. Our vision is that this form of knowledge transfer enabled by PRIMR will enhance doctor-patient relationships while maximizing the benefit of in-person interactions and reducing stress.

For updates on PRIMR's development, visit

Media featuring Dr. Grew & PRIMR

Visualize Value Blog Post

October 20, 2020

Essay describing the inspiration for PRIMR

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Passionate Pioneers Podcast

October 18, 2021

Dr Grew discusses PRIMR, his automated scalable patient education platform with health tech industry expert, Mike Bisselli.

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Penguin Latte Podcast

March 29, 2021

Fighting Cancer with Creativity and Building Assets that Heal: A conversation with Paul LeCrone

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Bart Gonczarek Podcast

June 11, 2021

Digital Tools for Human Connection: How can technology be used to help us connect better on complex, sensitive topics?

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Explain Everything Blog Feature

July 12, 2021

An article featuring Dr. Grew and how he creates his digital explanations

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Joe Wells Podcast

July 8, 2021

A discussion about why doctors should be creators

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