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Prostate Cancer
New Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Overview

Any man with a new diagnosis of prostate cancer​ should understand the 3 tenets that lead to cancer​ cure​: 1. Diagnosis 2. Staging 3. Treatment

Prostate Cancer Anatomy

You can’t understand prostate cancer treatments without first understanding where the prostate is and what organs are in the area.

Prostate Cancer Surgery

Radical prostatectomy is a standard curative option for patients with prostate cancer. In this video we review the risks.

Prostate Cancer Radiation

Radiation therapy is a standard curative treatment for prostate cancer. In this video we discuss some of the risks.

PSA after Prostate Cancer Surgery

After prostate cancer surgery, how do you know it worked? In this video we discuss PSA surveillance.

PSA after Radiation for Prostate Cancer

Most men who undergo prostate radiation for prostate cancer want to know - did it work? In this video I explain the way I think about PSA after radiation.

Radiation after Prostatectomy

Salvage radiation, or a curative treatment after prostate cancer recurrence, is like taking a second bite at the apple. It’s a unique opportunity for cure, and not common to other cancer types.

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Some men with aggressive or metastatic prostate cancer need hormone therapy to help control their disease. This video is a short explanation of that treatment.